Net-Meter Program

Net-Meter Program

Net Meter is a program that allows you, as a home or business owner, to generate electricity from solar energy for your own use to minimize the cost of your electricity getting from the grid. If your solar system producing more energy than your consumption, your excess energy will export back to the grid.
We have installed more than 30 residential and commercial solar systems who feeding their extra energy back to the grid.

How does Net Meter work?

  • Once your project is connected, what you will see on your next electricity bill is the “net” difference between the electricity you generate and the electricity you use.
  • If you generate more electricity than what you take from the grid over the billing cycle, your electricity supplier will remove the electricity charges for that period.
  • You will receive a credit towards your future energy bills for the excess amount of electricity produced.

Establish your own energy independence with a Net Metered solar project today.

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